1M Visitors Is Just the Beginning

Recently, My international Hasbara site for the Iron Swords War surpassed 1 million monthly visitors. However, this milestone is overshadowed by the massive financial support, amounting to billions of dollars each month, that fuels the terror propaganda machine.

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At the start of the war, over 1,400 Israelis were brutally tortured and murdered in a horrific attack by Hamas. The global narrative, shockingly, supports these terrorists. This war is also fought in the digital space.

After October 7th, the world saw the cruelty of Hamas, initially showing empathy towards Israel. However, a wave of anti-Semitism soon emerged, starting on social media and escalating to violent incidents worldwide. Pro-Palestinian organizations operating in Europe, Canada, and the United States also began acting against Jews and the state of Israel.

While Israel was still recovering from the October 7 massacre and preparing for war (Oct 8 - 20), Pro-Hamas organizations on social media began to be flooded with disinformation, fake news, and horror videos.

The October 7th attack by Hamas marked a historic turning point, not just for its brutality but also for the simultaneous digital assault. Hamas shared their atrocities online, like the murder of Braa Levenson, which was broadcast on her Facebook feed. These acts were meticulously planned, filmed, and distributed to incite fear and provoke global protests against Israel.

Despite Israel's efforts to prevent civilian casualties, many still view Israel as the aggressor and Hamas as the victim. This shift in perception is fueled by disinformation and propaganda on social media, spread by bots and fake accounts.
The campaign against Israel began while the massacres were still ongoing!!!, leveraging social media to manipulate public opinion swiftly.

This was a calculated move from all the Pro-Palestine organizations that are operating worldwide.

What can we do!? 

The propaganda campaign against Israel is an orchestrated attempt to overshadow the massacre's grim reality, and we cannot afford to remain silent.
Every Israeli citizen, and indeed every supporter of freedom worldwide, must work to reverse the narrative that threatens to delegitimize our cause.
This means standing together and asserting our truth, leveraging media and diplomatic channels to dismantle the falsehoods being spread and showcase the legitimacy of our actions.

Our story is one of resilience in the face of adversity, and it's a story the world needs to hear. Our mission is to defend our borders, reclaim the truth, and show that our battle is for survival and justice.
We must remember October 7th as a day of sorrow and a rallying cry to unite and remind the world why our struggle remains morally justified.

1M Visitors Is Just the Beginning

My international Hasbara site for the Iron Swords War has recently surpassed 1 million monthly visitors. However, this milestone is just the beginning. My goal for the website is straightforward: to document every detail of this conflict, which I refer to as the Second War of Independence. Israel is currently engaged on seven active fronts, but we also face other, less visible fronts. These include the "terror universities" in the United States, Canada, and Europe, as well as the ongoing battle on social media.


Why should we care?

That is a very valid question because many people believe that the online landscape and activities on social media and in "terror universities" have no real impact. They think these factors do not influence policy changes or leaders. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Palestinian organizations operating in the United States, Europe, Canada, and essentially the entire free world are causing immense damage by manipulating the narrative about Israel in every conceivable way.

This manipulation is a significant threat to our existence, rivaling the immediate dangers posed by the organizations currently attacking the State of Israel. Their profound influence in shaping perceptions and policies cannot be underestimated.

How Can We Help?

The Palestinian terror propaganda is direct, organized, and focused. Our lack of focus is a triple-edged sword, slowly wounding the State of Israel.

We must unite to reveal the truth to the world—the only truth! We must join together and be organized in our Hasbara efforts. While independent actions, such as commenting and promoting the truth through posts and videos, are essential, we must also be united and coordinated.

We will be responsible for the consequences if we do not organize immediately. We must act now to prevent the next catastrophe.

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