"fractureiser" - Security Vulnerability in the CurseForge and Bukkit Platform

The Minecraft community has recently been hit with shocking news. The widely used CurseForge and Bukkit platforms have reportedly been compromised. Many groups have reported malware uploaded on various projects, potentially through a security vulnerability in the Overwolf platform.

Who is Overwolf?

Overwolf is a software platform that allows gamers to create and use in-game apps. It was founded in 2010 by Uri Marchand, Gil Or, Alon Ranowitz, and Nir Finkelstein with a cash seed investment from Joseph (Yossi) Vardi.

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What is CurseForge and Bukkit Platform?


  • CurseForge is a website that hosts Bukkit plugins, addons, mods, and customization content
  • Overwolf owns it
  • CurseForge is a popular platform for Minecraft modding, and it is known for being easy to use

Bukkit Platform

  • Bukkit is a software platform that allows developers to create plugins for Minecraft servers
  • Bukkit plugins can be used to add new features, modify gameplay, and improve server performance

  • The Bukkit platform is hosted on CurseForge, which provides a repository for Bukkit plugins

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Overview of the Security Breach

The CurseForge and Bukkit platforms, home to a multitude of Minecraft mods and plugins, have fallen victim to a massive cybersecurity breach. A substantial number of modpacks and mods, especially those on 1.16.5, 1.18.2, and 1.19.2 versions, were reportedly updated with malware. The unauthorized access to accounts and uploads of malicious files point towards a potential vulnerability in the Overwolf platform, which manages CurseForge and Bukkit.

Diving Deeper into the Malware

The malware was detected in mid-April and has since been injected into numerous popular plugins and mods. The affected accounts reportedly had two-factor authentication enabled, which suggests this isn't a simple password compromise but something potentially bigger on the CurseForge side.

The malware appears to extract Microsoft credentials and browser-saved passwords. We strongly advise all users to RESET ALL OF THEIR PASSWORDS after they have removed the virus.


Some modpacks have had updates published for them without the authors' knowledge, adding a dependency on malicious mods. The malicious mods have uploaded dates multiple weeks in the past. DUE TO CURSE'S USAGE, a CDN compromise or cache poisoning is not out of the question. numbers, thus giving it a botnet-like behavior. It runs a command to execute a function to download the program again and save it as a self-running file. This malware has infiltrated numerous modpacks, and even with immediate archiving, these files might become accessible again later, exposing hundreds of thousands of players to malware.

The code execution mainly targets Linux users, possibly intending to infiltrate servers, but Windows users are not exempt from this threat. One particular file from this incident was not archived immediately and gained 10 downloads, implying it's possibly being disseminated through other platforms.

As a precautionary measure, it is highly recommended to avoid updating any mods or modpacks until this threat is effectively neutralized.

Potential Impacts

The impacts could be extensive with the number of potentially compromised accounts and the malware's capability to extract sensitive information like saved passwords. Users risk losing control of their accounts or sensitive personal and financial data. The broader impact on the Minecraft modding community is also severe, with the potential for widespread mistrust and uncertainty.

The Iris Project's Statement

The Iris Project, another prominent player in the Minecraft modding community, has also voiced its concerns about the issue. The project's team states that they believe numerous accounts on CurseForge have been compromised and are being used to upload malicious files containing bot-nets. They have assured their user base that they are actively investigating the situation.

"We have reason to believe many accounts on CurseForge have been hacked and are uploading malicious files containing bot-nets. Luna Pixel Studios, the owner of many big modpacks, is one of the affected accounts. The situation is being actively looked into."

What Do We Learn

The CurseForge and Bukkit breach has brought the importance of cybersecurity to the forefront once again. It serves as a reminder of the persistent threats in the digital landscape. As we await the resolution of the issue, it's critical to stay vigilant, ensuring we take steps to protect our data and systems from potential threats.

Stay vigilant, perform regular checks on your system, and keep an eye out for updates on this situation. Remember, your cybersecurity is in your hands!