How The Largest Israeli Discord Community Combat Antisemitism

After the tragic events of the October 7th massacre, the surge in antisemitism became alarming. In @TeGriAi, the Largest Israeli Discord Community, here's how we are addressing and combating antisemitism.

About TeGriAi

TeGriAi stands as the largest Israeli community on Discord, boasting over 230K members, with a remarkable 30K active daily participants.

Addressing Global Antisemitism:

Since the October 7th massacre, the increase in antisemitic rhetoric online has been alarming. Within our server alone, we noted a significant spike in hateful messages. This disturbing trend is not confined to our community but is a reflection of a larger, more sinister wave sweeping across the internet.

The Iron Wall for Discord: Our Shield Against Hate

In collaboration with the @Israeli Gaming Association and @NiroTeam, we formed the Iron Wall for Discord. This initiative is our answer to the rising tide of antisemitism, leveraging advanced AI and Discord's auto-moderation to safeguard our space. The system meticulously analyzes messages, ensuring a safe environment for all members.

The Iron Wall for Discord

The Iron Wall is a marvel of technology and community effort. It's designed to understand context, making it adept at identifying and countering antisemitic content. "The precision of this system is unparalleled," notes a lead developer. "It's like having a vigilant guardian for our community."

Since its inception, the Iron Wall has successfully blocked over 1 million users and prevented 300,000 raid attempts. These numbers are a testament to its effectiveness, acting as an unwavering guard against discrimination and hate.

Evolving for a Safer Tomorrow

Our commitment to combating antisemitism is unwavering. We constantly seek feedback and explore new ways to enhance the Iron Wall, ensuring it remains an effective shield against hate speech.

In conclusion, @TeGriAi is more than just a Discord server; it's a movement against antisemitism. Our efforts with the Iron Wall demonstrate our unwavering commitment to creating a safer online space. We invite you to join us in this noble cause. Together, we can make a difference.