Impacting Public Opinion Under Fire

The Global Hasbara Conference in Sderot, one of the most important Conferences for Hasbara that happened in Israel since the start of the October 7th War

I had the pleasure of attending the event and talking with our Hasbara heroes and national heroes, such as ZAKA Search and Rescue volunteers, who collected the bodies of the victims of the October 7th massacre. I also spoke with soldiers and policemen who fought Hamas terrorists that infiltrated cities and kibbutzim in their campaign of slaughter and rape against Israeli civilians. Additionally, I met with released hostages from Hamas terror dungeons and families of hostages still held in Gaza by Palestinians/Hamas who are cooperating with Hamas.


Lessons from the Conference

Israel was caught off guard by the information war unleashed by the axis of evil powered by Iran. While Israel was still recovering from the October 7 massacre and preparing for war (Oct 8 - 20), pro-Hamas organizations flooded social media with disinformation, fake news, and horror videos. The campaign against Israel began while the massacres were still ongoing, leveraging social media to swiftly manipulate public opinion.

On October 8, we already saw students from their SJP terror organization spreading pro-Hamas messages, much like other leaders of terror organizations operating in the West, primarily on university campuses. This was a coordinated attack against Jews worldwide, starting with the massacre in Israel and continuing globally to shape public opinion and raise Nazi-like hatred against Jews.

This conference underscored the critical importance of keeping the issue of hostages at the forefront of news programs. Until all the hostages are home, Israel cannot truly uphold its moral integrity.

During the breaks, I had the pleasure of talking to some of our Hasbara heroes and understanding the vacuum created due to the lack of Hasbara efforts.

Recently, my international Hasbara site for the Iron Swords War surpassed 1 million monthly visitors, a milestone I covered in my article "1M Visitors Is Just The Beginning." My website is dedicated to documenting the Iron Swords War, highlighting the heroism of IDF soldiers and the resilience of the survivors of the October 7th massacre.