Leaky Buckets: WWE

In July 2017, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) grappled with a formidable opponent: a significant data breach. This incident exposed the personal information of over 3 million wrestling fans.

When the Clouds Darkened - Unpacking the AWS US-East-1 Outage

On December 7, 2021, the digital world experienced a significant disruption. Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world's most extensive cloud service providers, faced a substantial outage in its US-East-1 region. The impact was far-reaching, affecting numerous online services and applications, from popular streaming platforms to everyday services.

Capital One's $200M Cloud Catastrophe

In 2019, Capital One, one of the largest banks in the US, experienced a massive data breach. A bank's cloud infrastructure vulnerability enabled a hacker to access sensitive data stored on the company's Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. This event exposed the personal information of over 100 million customers and credit card applicants.