Setting Up A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your DevOps Environment

Disaster recovery (DR) is an essential component of any DevOps strategy that ensures that your systems and applications are able to recover quickly and effectively from unexpected outages or failures.
By minimizing the impact of these outages on your business and your users, a well-planned and tested disaster recovery plan can help to protect your company's reputation and bottom line.

Tunneling TCP To SQL Databases

SQL databases are an essential tool for many organizations, but they can also pose a significant security risk if not properly configured. One way to mitigate this risk is through the use of tunneling TCP to SQL databases.

This is the Microsoft PowerToys GitHub Repo Share Image

Microsoft Power Toys

A tool called "Hidden Windows Tools" that is open-source and developed by Microsoft can be used to enhance the Windows…

IMS Double Net Bug

IMS - Network, is an Israeli gaming community that builds and develops game servers for free. Double NAT occurs when…

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Nail Beta Testing

Beta tests are important for companies and they are benefiting everyone who is involved. Companies that run beta tests are…